Karvel Automotive - Vehicle ServicingVehicle services

Major and Minor services on all vehicles - Including new car log book servicing

Some signs your car needs a service

  • Engine warning light. Most cars are good at telling you when your car needs to be looked at.
  • Strange noises. Any new noises coming from your car should be checked out before they develop into serious problems.
  • Smoke or steam coming from under the bonnet.
  • Vibrating or pulling under braking
  • Reduced comfort in the vehicle

Karvel Automotive - Vehicle Servicing
Major Service

This is one of the most important services you vehicle will receive, it is essentially a complete check of your vehicle.
Included in a major service is a more in depth check of the items covered in a minor service along with spark plugs changed, brake fluid, suspension, fuel filters, radiators and coolant, windscreen washers and wiper blades.


Minor Service

This is a routine service recommends every 10000/15000km(depending on the vehicle) or every 6 months. 
This service includes safety check, replaces engine oil and filter fluid inspection, motor inspection, check brakes, tyre wear and tyre pressure Karvel Automotive - Vehicle Servicing


‘We will look for defects before they become a costly repair’ 


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